Boxwood Ball Topiary in Round Bulb Blue & White Ceramic Pot: Large

Galt International Company

Imagine the perfect centerpiece: a perfectly manicured sphere of preserved boxwood foliage, boasting a lush, emerald hue that never fades. Nestled within a hand-painted ceramic pot adorned with intricate blue and white designs, this topiary brings a symphony of color and texture to your space. The hand-crafted ceramic pot elevates the entire piece. Each pot is uniquely adorned with delicate floral patterns, adding a touch of artisanal charm. More than just a centerpiece, this preserved boxwood topiary makes a thoughtful gift. Small - Large - approx 9.45"x9.45"x11" - pot size: 7.5"x7.5"x4.75" Medium - approx 8.25"x8.25"x9.5" - pot size: 6.75"x6.75"x4.5" Our preserved boxwoods can be used in indoors & covered outdoor areas. We highly suggest to keep our preserved boxwood items indoors when not in use. Please avoid direct sunlight and extreme heat. Lightly mist every 1-2 months for best appearances & avoid over-saturating preserved leafs.

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